Ask The Experts: How Do You Handle Workflow on Location?

Want tips on shooting on location, breaking into destination wedding photography, or managing your workflow on the go?  PDN and SanDisk have launched a new column, Ask the Experts, in which photographers share their expertise and answer questions from PDN readers about a variety of photographic problems. 

To start things off, Matt May and Suzanne Ricca are answering questions about workflow on the go. The duo behind Matthew May Photography have shot weddings and travel images in China, Europe, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. They have a lot of experience capturing once in a lifetime shots under pressure, and they've learned how to deal with customs officials and airline baggage restrictions. 

Says May, "For overseas weddings, we team up to pair down the duplicates. For example, we might bring one 85mm lens instead of two, and share it. This saves us room that is needed for bringing additional computer gear that is required for overseas weddings — extra hard drives, USB hubs, cables, etc, that is needed to make back-ups on location as opposed to a local wedding where we could drive home and do all this work that night."

To learn more about May and Ricca and see some of their location shots on our Ask The Experts page. To submit a question or talk to May and Ricca about the challenges of working on location, email 

In coming months, Ask the Experts will be hosted by other members of the SanDisk Extreme Team known for their nature photography, portraiture, post-production retouching, and shooting under extreme weather conditions. 

5 Responses to “Ask The Experts: How Do You Handle Workflow on Location?”

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    For overseas projects, you dont want to forget any crucial equipment so you have to be extra organized and prepare everything way ahead of time. Of course it would help if you have a fellow photog friend in the foreign country.

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